10 NIS 4 ALL

Welcome to 10 NIS 4 ALL

Your online tennis magazine with tennis interviews from tennis industry executives, players, club directors, and other tennis industry personnel. Would you like to read about how someone got into the tennis industry as an executive? Would you like to know how the ATP, WTA, or the US Open prepares for a major tournament? Maybe you would like to know how a professional prepares and stays focused on the tournament tour or match they are preparing for?

Then here at 10 NIS 4 ALL you can find out from the experts.

Do you have a question for someone in the tennis industry? Then send us your question and we will try to get it answered. If you have a suggestion leave a comment with us and we will make sure we try to deliver a winning ACE for you.

Do you think a particular facility is doing a great job at servicing their membership and you want others to hear about it, then send us the details on the facility and we will attempt to interview them.

Our intention here at 10 NIS 4 ALL is to keep you informed of some of the greats in tennis; no matter what level of tennis they are in. Help us and suggest away and keep us busy for you.


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